Re-Discover: Dead Ghosts S/T LP Reissue

11081011_10152893546014005_5932857393412922185_nOriginally released in 2010, Dead Ghosts‘ long out-of-print self-titled debut is getting a much deserved reissue via Burger Records.

Finding inspiration in the American garage rock revival from a decade ago, these fuzzy garage rockers nail that Southern sound with Dead Ghosts—but don’t be fooled by the Southwest-Navajo album art, these guys are from Vancouver.  Although their latest release Can’t Get No is more polished with 60s riffs, the sound on Dead Ghosts harkens back to the mid-2000s when the Black Lips were making waves with Good Bad, Not Evil (the album that gave us garage-rock anthems “Bad Kids” and “O Katrina!”) all the way up to when the Lips joined King Khan to form Almighty Defenders.

Five years later, it’s almost as if it were a long-lost Black Lips record, complete with fuzzy garage bashing, rough production styles, and country-inflected guitar to boot.  However, Dead Ghosts have a sound of their own. Album opener “When It Comes to You” definitely is a standout for it encompasses all of the above, but so does the last track “I Want Your Love,” a more restrained tune with surf jangles throughout.  What makes this release so great is that it feels so contemporary as lo-fi recording styles, jangly guitars, and garage-surf-psych-punk influences being so much more prevalent in today’s Burger-Lolipop circle.

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Listen to lead track “When It Comes To You” below.