New Music: Froth “Bleak” (Burger/Lolipop)


LA natives Froth leave behind summery psych-pop tunes in favor of moodier shoegaze surf jams on new album Bleak, with a dual release out on Burger Records (LP/CD) and Lolipop Records (CASS).

While the album’s title suggests a harsh tone (and it definitely builds into it by melancholic closer “Sleep Alone”), Bleak does have its moments of sunshine. It gains momentum from the start with the whirling sound on “Afternoon,” leading into sun-washed single “Postcard Radio” and slow gem “Nothing Baby.” And where 2013’s Patterns could denote place and time (think psychedelic Mexican summer/60s), Bleak leaves the past behind to sound more like shoegaze influenced by today’s Southern California garage-rock scene. 

It’s only been a week since the album dropped—the colored vinyl already sold out along with the cassettes—so make sure to pick up a copy now, or get lucky and see if they got them at the next show’s merch table.

Listen to whirling opener “Afternoon” below.