New Music: Public Access T.V. “Public Access EP”

New York City-based pop rockers Public Access T.V. may have drawn early comparisons to The Strokes, but their new Public Access EP finds the band venturing out of the garage into funkier landscapes.

Released as a single in April, “Metropolis,” opens the 5-track EP jangly and confident, yet laid-back, with an airy palm tree-lined chorus about coming of age that swings into frontman John Eatherly contentiously spouting “I don’t want to live in California, I’ll take New York any day,” before washing out on a fading guitar solo.

This song certainly caught our ears in San Francisco when Public Access T.V. opened for Palma Violets (and were even joined by Palma for a song… check out Julie’s photos below) at Bottom of the Hill on June 4th. Eatherly, cloaked in what appeared to be Ferris Bueller’s cheetah-print sweater, took great joy in rolling his eyes at the crowd and jumping back from his guitar as if he were Marty McFly as he verbally slammed California.

There’s a vibrancy to the 24-year old Eatherly, who got his start in music when he dropped out of high school at 16 to tour with infectiously fun Tennessee teen pop punk group Be Your Own Pet, and that energy radiates both live and on record. Eatherly’s bandmates are similarly young and spirited, with Max Peebles’ bubbly basslines often lifting tunes alongside shimmering synths and twinkling piano fills.

The EP’s second single, “All We Want” is a breezy groove featuring a chorus with a whirligig synth loop reminicent of Passion Pit’s “Love is Greed” cycling in the back of the mix, and “Loose Ends” and “Honey” expand on their funked up pop sound before “Tracy” ends the EP on a quiet acoustic note.

Listen here:

Photos from Bottom of the Hill 6/4 with Palma Violets.

All images Copyright © Julie Juarez.