New Music + Q&A: Emily Gold “Recluse”

Emily Gold‘s new LP Recluse finds its shimmery, shoegaze overtones amidst the pits of heartbreak, the heaviness of becoming a recluse in a new place, and in her own words, “the subtleties of human interaction.”

The album in its entirety will take you afloat into a hazy, spaced out universe where you’ll find tranquility amongst the nebulas. Gold’s vocals effortlessly and dreamily ascend on their own, and alongside fervid, wailing guitars–there’s something bewitching about the way she seamlessly layers her sweetly luminous voice over transitions to raging, lo-fi heated choruses from the calm of her slow-building verses.

The title track “Recluse” shimmers with Gold’s soaring vocals over the humming blare of guitars. Its confrontational in that she’s making direct, loathesome statements after reflecting on experiences that might have repeated themselves as she closes out with “I left your party because I don’t care to climb/And make out with some liar under some street sign/I won’t fold.” We get the sense she’s tired of other people’s bullshit and retreating to a “state” of recluse allowed her to find greater ambition and confidence, as a musician and individual.

Gold shows off her cavalier side in her fuzzy standout track “Cyanide Lollipop.” With an unignorable blaze of contempt, reminisicent of a Sylvia Plath poem, she howls “Cyanide lollipop, I’ll make your lips numb/Sugar in your teeth, boy/I’ll make you taste blood,”  followed by a gradual build-up to psyched-out garage rock riffs. “Love Moves” is a sweet, anti-love song. She sings with self-assured urgency and carries her falsetto skyward to soften the blow of the hard-to-hear truth of “I loved you, I swear I did/But it went away/There was nothing I could do/Sometimes love moves.”

Emily Gold Cover

Emily explains where she draws inspiration for songwriting, the artists that have influenced her and why LA is the place to be for music right now in the Q&A below:

Your album seems self-reflective and overall very personal. What thoughts/feelings do you want your listeners to take away from your album?

It is indeed a very personal album, I really struggle to write in any other way and it can be awkward when I have blatantly written a song about someone close to me. When I write I hope to capture the in between of emotions, or the subtleties of human interaction and relationships. I live so much in my head, hence the album’s title, and writing can kind of be a way to corroborate the facts of what’s happening between myself and the outside world and the swirling experience of that inside my mind. It’s like a diary. Ultimately I hope to be as vulnerable to people as possible, it excites me to be naked like that, kind of like an emotional streaker or something haha.

You mentioned that you’re releasing a cassette with Wiener Records soon. How did that come about?

Danny from Wiener emailed me a little while back, I hadn’t heard of Wiener but I absolutely love Burger Records so I’m excited to have some cassettes to sell at shows that is in anyway associated with Burger, they are rad.

What are your favorite places in Los Angeles, either to hang out or the ones that inspire you?

As far as inspiration goes, I draw my material from human interaction and I guess most of my social life is in east LA. Being an LA native, I used to get the urge to flee, explore new terrain or whatever but lately I’ve been kind of overwhelmed with whats happening in music and art on the east side. There’s an excitement and momentum happening that can’t be denied. If you walk down Sunset on any given night in Echo Park there is music coming out from every which direction. Bands and artists are supporting each other in a way I’ve never seen before. Downtown LA is another favorite of mine. It feels like a real city.

Name some of the artists that have influenced your sound as musician and songwriter.

Nirvana, My Bloody Valentine, Cocteau Twins, Spiritualized, Jenny Lewis (my queen). Most of these though are a retrospective influence though. Like I don’t actively try to make anything that sounds like anyone, but just like you shit what you eat, your music tends to sound like what you listen to.

What are your dream venues? As in, where do you hope to someday play shows?

My “dream” live experience is basically any large outdoor like festival type venue. I want to grow wings and fly over a large crowd at sunset. The Ace Hotel seems rad too, though.


Upcoming Tour Dates:
August 15 – Echo Park, CA @ ‘Echo Park Rising’ (Spacedust)
TBD – ‘Tape Release Show’ w/ The Gooch Palms