The Coathangers Celebrate Julia Kugel’s Birthday @ Rickshaw Stop 9/21

Atlanta’s garage rock badasses The Coathangers brought the noise to San Francisco’s Rickshaw Stop after playing a set at this year’s TBD Fest in Sacramento.

It also happened to be lead singer Julia “Crook Kid” Kugel’s birthday and the bands made sure the stage was decked out in balloons, signs, and alcohol to celebrate. As always, they sported their signature Coathanger tees, this time the one with the shark holding a lil’ coathanger balloon. So fitting.

Playing a grip of songs from last year’s Suck My Shirt and 2011’s Larceny and Old Lace, both on Suicide Squeeze, the audience had no choice but to go bananas and rage just as hard as The Coathangers. Opening up the set with “Johnny” instantly lit a fire in the crowd that couldn’t be put out–the overall setlist for the night felt like a continuous unrestrained outburst. Some of their rowdier jams called for a collective freakout in Rickshaw Stop as we fell over each other in the crowd (at times Meredith and Julia were falling in, too) and took limbs to the face, all in attempt to match The Coathangers’ “let’s fucking do this” kind of energy. The fact that this was Monday meant absolutely nothing. They played many of my favorites including “Sicker,” a growling and dizzying rush of a track that blares and seethes–“Love Em or Leave Em” was equally as explosive.

To close out the night, we were sprayed  heavily with silly string–and stoked about it. Happy Birthdays were said, but it was Julia telling us Happy Birthday and that was appreciated for whatever its worth. This is the type of band that you just can’t get sick of seeing. They bring the party. Every time.

Opening bands included LA’s hardcore punks The Birth Defects and San Francisco’s all-female fronted rock ‘n’ roll group Dirty Denim.

The Coathangers

The Birth Defects

Dirty Denim

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