Interview: Public Access T.V. Returns to SF With Hinds

This week, New York’s Public Access T.V. are returning to SF to play with HINDS at Slim’s. We asked PATV’s John Eatherly a few questions about their last show in SF, their upcoming album and what his “On Repeat” tracks are at the moment.

A few months ago, we saw you at Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco when you played with Palma Violets. That was a great show. Is there a noticeable difference between how the crowds respond to your shows here in California and the crowds back in New York? 

That was a really great time at Bottom of the Hill! I really dig that venue. Honestly, we don’t play that much in NYC because we don’t want to play too much in our hometown. Crowds in New York,  as you’ve probably heard, are notoriously too cool to let loose. It really depends on the setting. If it’s a party or something like that, it could get crazy. But for the most part at venues in New York, people are kind of too cool. Not totally sure what the vibe is in California. I’ve always had a good time playing in California. Bottom of the Hill was sick.

We’re excited to hear that you’re working on another album that’s due for next year. Who are you working with in the studio and where are you recording?

We spent most of the summer in England playing gigs and recording. We recorded our record over there as a live band, between two different studios. It was a really great experience for all of us and we were super anxious to record.

“This tour is gonna be like one, long party. We are friends with Hinds and think they are great. I think it’s gonna be fucking fun and full of energy at the shows.”

What are some of the themes that are coming up in the songwriting process that are different from your last EP?  If your approach to writing music has evolved, what experiences do you think affected this process?

It’s hard to say exactly. I’m always writing. It’s always different. I’m not looking to always evolve—sometimes I like to regress.  I don’t really just sit down and try and write a song in one sitting, it’s more like sorting through accumulated ideas. But then again maybe the ones written in 5 minutes are the better ones.

We’re really stoked on your new song “Patti Peru,” which is part of a double-sided single out this month. Why did you decide to release these songs now? Were you really excited to put out new music before going on tour?

I’m very excited to be putting music out. If it was only up to me, I would probably put everything out the second I was done recording. Unfortunately, that can be a bad idea. I just want to put out good shit I’m happy with. I don’t like waiting to put songs out.

Do you have an ultimate dream venue/festival that you’d all like to perform at?

I don’t have a dream festival. We haven’t played a lot of them, yet, so I’m just looking forward to hopefully doing everything. I’d like to play on another planet though…

You’re about to start the first leg of this tour hitting the road with Hinds. What can we expect?

This tour is gonna be like one, long party. We are friends with Hinds and think they are great. I think it’s gonna be fucking fun and full of energy at the shows.

Click here for tickets to their show this Wednesday 10/14 at Slim’s supporting Hinds!

John Eatherly’s On Repeat Playlist

Hinds – “Chili Town”
They are the most exciting band out now. Live and on record, it’s different sounding than pretty much any other band—in the best way possible.

Lou Reed – “I Wanna Boogie With You”
It’s Lou Reed. He wants to boogie, and with you. What’s not to love?

Phil Lynott – “Yellow Pearl”
Phil is such a tragic character, especially during this period. We love Thin Lizzy, but I actually might like his solo stuff more. I at least go back to it more.

Düsseldorf – “La Düsseldorf”
Check this out. We’ve been listening to it on repeat in the van and it’s really good for driving.

Little Willie – “I’m Ashamed”
This song has always been one of our band favorites.  You can’t fully tell what he’s saying at certain points, sometimes it sounds like he might be saying some wrong shit.  We never google the lyrics though,  just debate amongst ourselves.

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