Beach Goth 4: In Photos (Day Two)

Now in its fourth year, Beach Goth has evolved into a two-day festival. The ghoulish party carried into Sunday with another round of Halloween dress up, dancing and a whole lot of raging.

Day two started off mellow with sweet grooves from Burger and Lolipop Records’ quintessential psych rock band, Mystic Braves, at the Beach Goth stage. Corners didn’t hold back at The Graveyard and neither did the crowd. When they performed “The Spaceship,” a rowdy frenzy broke out and crowd surfers made their way above the sea of arms swaying along with Tracy Bryant. And then there was this guy.


We took it down a notch with dreamy shoegazers Diiv, stoked to hear classics from Oshin and their new single “Dopamine.” We booked it back to The Graveyard to find a spot just in time to catch a little wholesome Atlanta fun.  Here’s the thing about The Coathangers. Every time we’ve caught them, they have the same blistering energy and the crowds seem to burst in response. This punk garage trio doesn’t give a shit about anything–except jamming harder than anyone else. Pretty much the same goes for FIDLAR too. Have you ever seen so many kids crowdsurf?? Knowing the crowd was going to be full of diehards, we observed Julian Casablancas + The Voidz‘ set to take in the cultural experience of witnessing the solo performance from the leading frontman of  The Strokes. The final set of the day was none other than the Cali rock perfectionists, The Allah-Las.

Until next year, see ya!!



Mystic Braves



The Coathangers


Julian Casablancas


All images Copyright © Julie Juarez and James Juarez.