VIVA LA WORBLE! DIY Warehouse Space Has Its Last Waltz

Last Friday, The Worble Warehouse threw its last party ever fittingly called the “Last Waltz” with an all-star lineup including  Thee Commons, The Buttertones, SadGirl, Wild Wing, Vaguess, Tongues, and Ten Commandments. 

On Halloween eve, we made the trek out to the Worble’s Glassell Park space, tucked between a Mexican nightclub and a corner store. Put on by a group of like-minded roommates (Andrew Harris, Alex Farrara, Tom Mull, Dave Mull, Steve Mull) who share a love of skating, punk, and DIY, “The Last Waltz” was to be their swan song so to speak. But more so, it was their one last chance provide a welcoming space for anyone to who wanted to be weird for a bit and to give the space a proper send-off.


The scene was setup with dangling body parts and a devil piñata (short-lived) in the main room, and one space featured a skate ramp where a giant “Happy Birthday” was scrawled in spray paint on one wall. Valley rockers Tongues were getting their shred on just as we were walking in (sadly having missed Ten Commandments), and afterwards, Vaguess provided a heavy dose of California rock ‘n’ roll— Regan mask and all. Wild Wing followed suit, whipping the costumed crowd into a spooky chaotic frenzy. Amidst the sea of dancing ghosts and ghouls, we spotted members of Santoros, No parents, and Sloppy Jane roaming the grounds.

SadGirl‘s set was literally killer as they took the stage dressed up as a trio of  cinema’s bloodiest horror idols (Paul as Jason Voorhees, Dakota as Michael Myers, and Misha as Ghostface). Once they finished their go-to surf-noir opener, things took a turn and got out of control. Things got real wild actually.

And then there was The Buttertones. These guys went all out, probably hot off the excitement from having their second album American Brunch drop online earlier that day.  They were an unstoppable force despite a near all-out brawl (The Buttertones were ready to rally against those kids that were stupidly chucking beers at them), nonstop confetti popping off, and a straight-up guillotine execution reenactment in the middle of the set. Last but not least, psych-cumbia rockers Thee Commons put on the final jams of the night to get the crowd fired up into a late-night monster boogie.



Wild Wing


The Buttertones

Thee Commons

Taken on October 30, 2015.

All images copyright © James Juarez
Special notice: The Buttertones were shot by Janine Juarez