2015 On Repeat Mixtape

Every week, we post a song that we have on repeat and think you should too. If you missed out on our weekly updates, we’re going to bring you up to speed with our top fifteen “on repeat” tracks from this year.


  1. SadGirl – “Norma and Jessica” SADGIRL VOL. ONE EP
  2. Pearl Charles – “I Ran So Far” Pearl Charles
  3. Dante Elephante – “Never Trust a Junkie” Anglo-Saxon Summer
  4. The Coathangers – “Merry Go Round” Suck My Shirt
  5. The Buttertones – “Baby Doll” American Brunch
  6. Tanlines – “Slipping Away” Highlights
  7. LA Witch – “Kill My Baby Tonight” Kill My Baby Tonight (Single)
  8. Hazel English – “Never Going Home” TBD
  9. Triptides – “Wake” Azur
  10. Fine Points – “Astral Season” Hover
  11. Froth – “Postcard Radio” Bleak
  12. Dead Ghosts – “When It Comes to You” Dead Ghosts
  13. Torres – “Strange Hellos” Sprinter
  14. Never Young – “Stress Hed” NY Singles Tape
  15. Mall Walk “Container” Criminal Code 7″