Midnight Mass Hits Home w/ Long Beach DIY Punk Rager

Hundreds gathered in Long Beach on Dec. 12 for the first ever Midnight Mass, an all-ages DIY punk rager hosted by locals Astro Lizard Records and Freak Style Booking.

What’s been bubbling in Long Beach has now come to surface. The inaugural DIY music festival brought together a range of local and well known acts running the gamut of punk, garage, psych, hardcore, and surf. The venue, MadHaus, a non-descript warehouse space tucked away on Pacific Ave. served as the perfect backdrop for the fest.

We got there early in the day, unfortunately missing out on His Eyes Have Fangs—Dogtown skate legend Tony Alva’s band—no thanks to LA Metro. We still got off to a good start with Bay Area rockers Dinosaurs exploding on stage and the homies Cool-Tite DJs spinning the jams. We checked out some of the other tables including the Lo-Pie booth, where they were selling tees, pins, and prints. Long Beach local Dustin Lovelis played wonderful psych tunes before San Pedro’s Bombón came through with the 60s surf jams, getting the circle pit whirling. Rudy de Anda, another Long Beach hometown hero, went wild on stage, but also held down the Porch Party Records table.

As the day progressed, things started to take a turn when Melted went on—frenzied surf punk with so much energy you wouldn’t believe. Lolipop rockers Adult Books were spectacular, however losing a guitar in the process (please help support them here!). We took a break for some pizza and fresh air before  returning to the madness.

Back inside, The Buttertones were breaking hearts with their 60s-inspired garage rock, followed up by Death Hymn Number 9 blasting punk gems and stirring up some crowdsurfing fun. Kim & The Created were as wild as ever, doused in beer and swinging from the rafters. Everyone appreciated the old school punk rock flair that Mike Watt & The Missingmen delivered. Useless Eaters brought out a darker side to the night, and The Frights nearly incited a riot—the San Diego surf rockers made the biggest splash at Midnight Mass. But it would be RETOX, led by 31g’s Justin Pearson, who would end the night in the most intense way—with harsh, blistering hardcore.

We’re excited to see what the next installment of Midnight Mass will look like, stay tuned! See photos from the day below.



Dustin Lovelis


Rudy de Anda


Adult Books

The Buttertones

Death Hymn Number 9

Kim and The Created

Mike Watt and The Missingmen

Useless Eaters

The Frights


All images copyright © James Juarez