Loose Grip Records Rallies California Punks On First Tape Release

Press Play Vol.1 artwork by Brian Olivera (Trashbury Graphics).

Loose Grip Records releases their first tape with 19 tracks featuring California-based acts, an offering that ranges from the country punk raucus of Wild Wing to the melodic post-punk creep of Mall Walk.

This punk-rooted compilation includes unreleased tracks from Vaguess, San Pedro El Cortez, Kill Helmet (members of Scraper and Useless Eaters), New Faultlines, Ladywolf, Pure Gamma (members of NoFi), Beekeepers and Peels. The beauty in this comp is how well it culls from California’s DIY underground, providing a perfect balance of punk, garage, and noise that shines through in the lo-fi basement quality of production across these tracks.

Loose Grip Records is an Oakland-based tape compilation effort started by Ed Taylor, a California native with sincere appreciation for the recent surge in local rock. Press Play Vol.1 is limited to 350 copies so pick one up today.

Order your copy here or cop one at one of the following locations:

1234 GO Records – Oakland
Econo Jam – Oakland
Permanent Records – Los Angeles
Burger Records – Fullerton
Pack Ratt Records – San Diego
M-Theory Records – San Diego
Red Brontosaurus – San Diego

Listen to the Press Play Vol.1 playlist below.

The first in a series of release shows is scheduled for April 16th in San Diego at The Treehouse, with Cumstain, Vaguess, Pookie and the Poodlez and Shady Francos.