Mall Walk Ends Mini-Tour In LA And Shares New Live Music Video

Oakland’s Mall Walk recently closed out a mini-tour at a Los Angeles warehouse space, and shares their new live music video for “Call Again.”

12829433_441508716058956_1268981548438289757_oMall Walk kicked off their tour the same day they released their live video for “Call Again”—an unreleased track off their upcoming release due out later this year—which was shot straight to VHS and filmed at The Grassy Null in Oakland. This is the first new material we’ve heard since last year’s Criminal Code 7″ EP came out on Vacant Stare Records.

Put together by the Grassy Null crew and friends—Beekeepers‘ Kyle Day, The Peels’ Brendan Casey, and Scraper’s Miles Luttrell—the video captures the raw qualities of Mall Walk’s live show and features found Youtube clips of the psycho lady who actually walks around shopping malls for exercise. Oddly enough, Kyle Day tells us that these mall-walking clips may have partially influenced the band’s name, as they used to playback her voice as the intro to their live shows.

“We did this at some point in 2015. It’s part of series called Volume 1 to document bands I like,” says Day. “We tend to always do these on Sunday’s and hungover, it’s starting to be a weird tradition at this point.”

Before touching base in SoCal, Mall Walk was invited to play this year’s Treefort Festival, which was was essentially the motivation for adding more tour dates to help make the journey to Boise, Idaho more cost effective. This year’s festival featured many of our local favorites, including Thee Oh Sees, Adult Books, Cool Ghouls, and Wax Idols to name a few.  Following the experience, singer Rob Miller said “it felt like an opportunity for small time bands to enjoy some fabled ‘big band’ experience. I can tell the organizers of the festival really do love music and are far more interested in creating a fun event than making a ton of cash.”

We were able to catch up with Mall Walk for a rare performance in Los Angeles on the last night of their Spring mini-tour. For this show, they rallied up Roses, Moaning, and Jody at the Honey Trap Warehouse, just slightly out of Skid Row’s way. Local record label Danger Collective hosted the night.

After talking to Rob about how the Honey Trap show came about, we learned that Roses and Moaning were planning a tour together around this same time last year. “They ran into some trouble securing an Oakland date so, some friends of friends sent them my way,” Miller tells us. “I ended up throwing something together for them at Trees (RIP) with help from Luis Gutierrez—from 1988, Religious Girls, a million other bands. The show ended up being super fun.” Since then, they’ve been trying to support each other whenever they could. “We all started crushing on each other’s bands and just became friends, really. So, naturally Roses and Moaning were the first bands we thought of for the LA show when plotting this last tour.” And we’re so glad they did.

See photos from the Honey Trap night below, taken Thursday, March 31.

Mall Walk




 Mall Walk plays a free show at Night Light in Oakland tonight with Golden Drugs and Tiny Head.

Catch Rob and Nick from Mall Walk playing live in LA in Dick Stusso’s band this Saturday, April 9, at The Echo. Next month, they’ll play The KDVS Festival, Operation Restore Maximum on May 28th. And on June 24th, 1-2-3-4 GO!  with Public Eye from Portland. 

Moaning plays tomorrow in the valley.

Roses’ next show is w/ Post-Life, Upset, and Slingshot Dakota at The Hi Hat presented by E. Second.

Learn more about Jody here

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