Premiere: Babewatch “No Sleep”


With the release of Babewatch’s upcoming album ‘Wasted Time’ out late this summer, have a listen to their new track “No Sleep.”

Babewatch, a band of Santa Cruz college kids turned Oakland garage rock dads, put out their Guys Hanging Out EP last Spring and will release their next full length record later this year. “No Sleep” is the latest track to be teased off the new album following “Brian” and “Darken My Door,” which gives us a taste of where Babewatch’s sound is headed.

It’s a hazy yet elating track, stripped of the usual jangly, upbeat surf rock sound that the band has become known for. The intro of the track and transitions into each verse open up for instantly catchy guitar parts, layered with echoing vocals, evoking a feeling reminiscent of the nostalgic and anthemic alt-rock classic “Where is My Mind” by The Pixies. Singer/guitarist Peter Kegler tells us that a common love for 90s music exists within the band, which includes the likes of Pavement, Silver Jews and Weezer, and although not deliberate influences, they may have played a part in developing the sound.

“It was one of the last songs written for the record. It’s about feeling a little disillusioned with parts of your life…those blues you get when you’ve been partying too much and not sleeping enough, and you kind of mull everything over,” says Kegler via email. It marks a shift from the previous EP, where the songs were made with less intention of recording a final product and more for the sake of playing shows and house parties in Santa Cruz. “I think getting out of college and moving to Oakland did affect the way we wrote the new stuff and developed as a band. We’ve been in a new environment and it’s changed the way we’ve approached playing and writing music.”

The new record ‘Wasted Time’ will be out on Some Weird Sin Records this August.

Catch these guys at Hemlock Tavern on May 20th with Dinosaurs and on June 2nd with Puzzled.