Video Premiere: Moon Darling “Dreams”

Seattle-based psych rockers Moon Darling released a music video for their track “Dreams” off their new Dreams EP (Freakout Records).

Shot in the apartment of friends Ian Cunningham of Acid Tongue and Maiah Manser on Capitol Hill, Moon Darling brings us into a dreamy, slow motion party sequence–the perfect experience for the ethereal wave of reverb heavy psych pop found on “Dreams.” You see kids about to snort lines of glitter and feed each other cake in A bathtub–you know, just your typical party.

“I was going through a period of intense vivid dreaming, which seems to happen more often than not nowadays, but at that time I was fighting to keep my relationship afloat, and accurately interpret what I was seeing,” says lead singer Michael Escobar. “The song references scenes from some of the dreams I was having at the time.”

Electronic pop musician Maiah Manser directed the video, with filming by Moon Darling’s own guitarist, Ryan Davis. When she heard a recent live Moon Darling performance, Maiah imagined a room full of balloons, with all of their bright colors and a general high contrast lighting. “We wanted a subtle, surreal experience,” says Escobar.

Watch the video for “Dreams” below.

Hear the full ‘Dreams‘ EP here. Catch them at this year’s Capital Hill Block Party in Seattle July 23rd.