SLEEPTALK: Shannon and The Clams’ Themed Party Series Takes Off in Oakland


Haven’t been to one of Shannon and The Clams’ Sleeptalk shows, yet? Here’s what you’ve missed so far.

#1—February 21: “Sockhop!” with Shannon and The Clams with Cool Ghouls

Shannon and the Clams started a show series in February, in which they play with a few of their friends in Oakland and there’s always a theme, allowing attendees to dress accordingly. The first show was the Oakland Sock Hop, where Cool Ghouls and Fried Hell joined them. It also sold out online immediately, so we took our chances at the door and were miraculously let in right before the Clams took the stage, decorated to theme with white poodle cut-outs and polka dots.

#2—April 24: “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” Starring The Clams 

The second installment was just as big as the first, but this time the theme was “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” and with guests, Massenger and Meat Market. The Starline was decorated with posters that said things like ‘Will 4 Prom Queen’ and ‘Clam High Water Polo,’ making it feel as though you were in the high school gymnasium of any throwback 80s or 90s movie, but with a Clams twist. If you wanted to win the most popular kid in school contest, you needed to collect as many tickets as possible by either convincing others to help get you to the top or winning a series of challenges hosted by members of the band and their friends (see image of the gym class push up contest).


#3—June 3: “Oakland Tropical Vacation” with La Luz 

Although, SATC weren’t part of this bill, the surf rock-noir quartet La Luz (and Hardly Art label-mates) stepped in for the night with Will Sprott and Dead Seagulls, on what turned out to be an absurdly packed show in Downtown Oakland. Looking into the crowd, there was a ton of Hawaiian print and people dressed up as tropical fruits and sea creatures (shout out to the human dressed up as an anglerfish). There was a competitive limbo contest where the winner was treated to a free drink from Shannon. The perks of these shows are endless. As La Luz took the stage, the energy in the room burst and the crowd went nuts, especially when the band dived into “Hey Papi,” a swirling surf adventure from start to finish.

Stay tuned for details on the next Sleeptalk show. They’re not to be missed.


Catch The Clams at Burger Boogaloo next weekend, June 24-25, with The Trashwomen, The Mummies, and so much more!

Catch La Luz again soon at Brick and Mortar on June 29 with Babewatch!

All images copyright © Julie Juarez