Video Premiere: Grassy Null Drops Live Studio Recording for Froth’s “On My Chest”

The Grassy Null releases live recording of Froth performing “On My Chest.” Watch the new video here and see details for this Saturday’s first Grassy Null Festival.

Last April, LA-based Froth performed and recorded a special version of “On My Chest” from their album Bleak at The Grassy Null recording studio in Oakland. Three minutes longer than the record version, the video shows clips of the band with the Grassy Null’s now signature lo-fi, fuzzy VHS style.

“On My Chest” was the second video made at the studio (the first was by Violence Creeps) for the upcoming compilation, Live From The Grassy Null Vol. 1 out now via Vacant Stare Records. It introduces one of Froth’s heavier, shoegaze-surf jams that blend 60s psych and fuzzed garage rock. It also marks the first time an LA band has stepped in to film at the studio, which primarily plays host to Oakland and SF-based bands. These live in-studio recordings allows bands to perform exclusive material within the studio, and also creates a visual platform for the LA music community to discover bands in the Bay and vice versa.

“We’re trying to capture a particular moment with the band themselves, Oakland, and the development of the studio as it grows” says Kyle Day, founder of Grassy Null and frontman of Beekeepers. Although this recording took place last April, the Grassy Null studio team (Kyle Day, Brendan Casey, Michael Zamora) decided to postpone it’s release until their video editing skills were top notch and confident that they had developed an impressionable video style. Majority of the footage is taken with with Panasonic VHS cameras, and then later distorted using TVs, smaller cameras, and VHS players to create warped visual feedback effects.

Watch the video for “On My Chest” below.

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This weekend, the first Grassy Null Festival is happening at the Bug Box in Oakland to celebrate the release of their Volume 1 Tape Compilation out on Vacant Stare Records. The lineup features The World, Violence Creeps, Lil Dowager and MORE. Don’t miss it.