Premiere: La Lenguas “Inside of My Head”

Listen to La Lenguas’ new single “Inside of my Head,” the first in a series of tracks to be released this summer.

Inside of My Head (Art)
Album art by Dan Hood

“Inside of My Head,” is the first track La Lenguas have released since their Tears in My Milkshake EP (Burger Records) came out last summer, which seems to pick up where their last release left off both sonically and lyrically. Frontman Christopher Stoudt is one lovesick guy that wears his heart on his sleeve, but he doesn’t sing sappy, tear-inducing songs about his heartbreak; instead, he makes fuzzy, 90s-inspired pop songs out of it.

“The song is about infatuation,” Stoudt tells us. “It’s told from the point-of-view of an obsessed lover who has already started planning a life together with someone they literally just met, latching onto anything they may have in common, no matter how superficial. It’s a song about the tendency of the heartbroken to rush into any sort of new love that comes their way, without examining the consequences.”

Listen to “Inside of My Head” below.