Video Premiere: Dinosaurs “Haunted”

Dinosaurs share new music video for the track “Haunted” off of their latest album ‘Human Condition.’

Inspired by B-horror movies, Dinosaurs’ new music video takes on the literal meaning of the track title as we’ve come to recognize it through film. In the visual realm that “Haunted” now occupies, the viewer is consumed by a lo-fi, hallucinatory journey across time and space. The song bounces along to an array of kaleidoscopic projections of a satanic-worshiping version of the band floating in black space, while simultaneously overlaying scenes of dark, occult activities. Crystal balls, all-seeing eyes, and scorpions are just a few items to look out for that bring to mind the occult Surrealist cinema of Dali and Buñuel. The track might be the catchiest on the album, with the chorus leaning into garage pop territory, but still carries the desert rock sound that Dinos have become known for.

Watch the video for “Haunted” below.

Human Condition‘ is out now via Astro Lizard Records. Catch Dinosaurs at Popfuji near Long Beach on July 30th and the Night Light in Oakland on August 10th!