The BAIT SHOP’s Guide to Echo Park Rising 2016

The crowd outside of Lot1 Cafe during last year’s Echo Park Rising.

Overwhelmed? Us too. Check out our picks and schedule of how to do this thing. Oh, and don’t forget sunscreen and water!

This year’s Echo Park Rising is slated to be the biggest. Across the Sunset Bvld. stretch of Echo Park, 300+ bands will be playing for free. There are so many ways to experience it, but the best way is to just have fun and take it in waves. Last year, we stumbled upon so many new bands that we had never seen before, and are so glad we did.

Read on to get our picks for this weekend.

Thursday, August 18

This one is easy and requires the least amount of walking all weekend.

5pm—Start strong at The Echoplex for Frankie Flowers, followed by The Regettes (5:50pm), SadGirl (6:40pm), and The Frights (7:30). Get a slice of pizza at Two Boots between sets.

8pm—Make your way up to The Echo for a Sloppy Jane (8pm) set you won’t soon forget. Stay put. Local acts (8:50pm) and The Birth Defects (9:40pm) follow.

Friday,  August 19

So many overlapping great day-long events—the marathon begins here.

*Lot1 Cafe, Spacedust, and Little Joy showcases this year are spot on. Also, the Shop Used//Shop Local stage is hosting weekend festivities (not to be found on the main EPR site). You could hole up in any of these places and be good.

3pm—Warm up at Spacedust for a noise set by Void of Course (Nick of Froth and Hott MT).

4pm—Walter (4:40pm) goes on at The Echo. Do not miss.

5pm—On the dreamier side, stop at the Liberty Stage for Winter (5pm), or pause at Spacedust for The Bomb (5:30pm) and Veronica Bianqui (6:15pm). Your call. 

6pm—Hope you’re at The Echo for Chastity Belt (6:20pm). Maybe get there a bit early for this one, just saying. No need to leave, Rainbow Arabia (7:10pm) follows. Alternatively, hit the Beating Lights showcase at The Lost Knight for more indie vibes, Super Whatever (member of Badlnds) goes on at 6:30pm.

8pm—See headliner Chicano Batman (8:50 ) at the Liberty Stage or duck in to The Echo for Ducktails (8:50pm).

10pm—Still going? Move to Lot1 for Cutty Flam (10pm). Don’t feel like running around anymore? Then stick around and catch an amazing set by Children (11pm).

11pm—If you’re on the other side of town, cram into the Taix Champagne Room for Colleen Green.

Midnight—Still at Lot1? Good. Band Aparte goes on at 12am.

Saturday, August 20

Alright, this is where it gets tricky.  

1pm—If you’re gonna start early, start at the Grand Ole Echo patio stage with Leggy Peggy. Stick around or head to Spacedust for Sugarcube (2:30pm). Alternatively, the Play Like A Girl showcase at Little Joy will be kicking off too.

3pm—If you’re already at Little Joy, catch the second-ever live set from Pipe Dreams (3:15pm). Stick around for The Bomb (4:45pm), Iris (5:30pm), Alyeska (6:15pm), and ExSage (8:30pm).

5pm—Show up to the Echoplex for French Vanilla. Your life will be changed.

6pm*—Find your way to the Liberty Stage for FEELS (6:10pm) and stay put. Hang out as Froth (7pm), La Luz (7:50pm), and Bleached (8:50pm) work their magic.

6pm* (the other path)—Choose from three performances by three amazing local bands: Band Aparte (6pm) at Shop Used // Shop Local’s Rise’n’Grind stage, Bloody Death Skull (6:30pm) at Stories, and The Paranoyds (6:40pm) at the Echoplex.

7pm—Hit up Worship next for The Abigails (7pm), or stop by Stories for Iris (7:15pm) and Taleen Kali (8pm). Or, catch Dancing Tongues (8pm) at the Rise’n’Grind stage across the street. Further east, catch Keif Season (8:30pm) at Trencher.

9pm—So if you decided to leave during Bleached, you could see Janelane (9pm) at Trencher, The Wierdos (9:10pm) at The Echoplex, or So Many Wizards (9:45pm) back at Stories.

11pm—Following Media Jeweler (10:45pm) at The Lost Room, stop by The Whisperer for Cigarette Bums (11pm). Finally, end the day with one of the best local folk bands in these parts, The Blank Tapes (11:30pm) at The Lost Room.

Sunday, August 21

Hope you got some rest.

Noon—Start at Lot1 Cafe for The Red Pears (12:45pm), then move to Little Joy for a surprise Wild Wing set starring Fernando at (1:45pm).

3pm—If you feel like rocking out, catch OC’s The Side Eyes at The Echo (3pm) and then run to see Moaning back at Little Joy (3:15pm). For chiller vibes, catch Pastel Felt at Spacedust (3:15pm), and stick around for sets by Emily Gold (4pm) and Shannon Lay (4:45pm).

5pm—Make your way over to The Shortstop for The Flytraps (5:45pm) all the way from our hometown of San Clemente.

7pm—Just a block away lies Little Joy for Dead Dawn (7pm) and Dancing Tongues (7:45pm). Alternatively, we suggest heading over to The Echoplex for Melted (around 7pm).

Break time.

10:30pm—Whatever you decide from there, just make sure you’re downstairs at The Echoplex for Meatbodies (10:30pm) to close it out. Good luck on Monday!

Dear reader, these are just suggestions and set times will definitely vary. Please refer to for all the details. Thanks for reading, and see you in the pit!