New Music: Acid Tongue ‘Beautiful Disaster’ EP

Seattle rockers Acid Tongue released their second EP ‘Beautiful Disaster’ on August 5th. Hear the groovin’ new EP here.

Acid Tongue‘s sophomore EP picks up where they left off on their first release, I Died Dreaming, that debuted last year. Recorded in London, they crafted four tracks that instantly transport you to summer, despite their local landscape being that of Seattle where blistering hot days are far and few in between. The band self-proclaims their sound as having a deeply rooted American spirit by lyrical means as they reflect on the good times and the rough days, but they deliver their heavy reflection in classic rock style, infused with psychedelic swagger and hooks that transform this release into a retro pop daydream.

“Mac and Me” is a fuzzy pop song and feels the most modern on the EP compared to “Beautiful Disaster” and “Twisted,” which make you feel like you’re listening to rock songs of the past, with all the soulful twang gleaming through lead singer Guy Keltner’s quivering, unrestrained vocals. “Annie Get Your Scissors” is a slow chugging jam, stripped of the percussion to emphasize the emotional desperation embedded in the lyrics.

Hear ‘Beautiful Disaster’ below.

Order Beautiful Disaster now on Freakout Records (US) and Failure by Design (UK).