New Music: Unity Releases Self-Titled Record On Oakland Label Digital Regress

Oakland based group Unity shared their full length self-titled record late last month on Bay Area label Digital Regress. Their record release show is August 6th in Oakland.

If you had listened to previously released tracks—”Table for One,” “Days,” and “Comes to You”—that were shared to their Bandcamp months ago, then you know what to expect on the rest of the record. It’s consistent yet imperfect, intelligent yet simple. It’s the album you’ve been wanting to hear for a while—ten tracks of offbeat, upbeat garage that you’ll want to chime in on.

There’s something challenging about describing Unity‘s sound. The five-piece has crafted a record that feels inherently familiar throughout and yet, simultaneously presents garage punk music in a way that is inexplicably original. Lyrically, the band sticks with a theme for each track and lay down their words simply, as heard in tracks like “Deep in Thought” and “Calories.” The record as a whole finds itself along a lo-fi pop scheme, with a continuous flow of uncluttered jangly guitars and lyrical hooks that will easily get stuck in your head. The most compelling component of the record lies in the vocal delivery, whether it’s one person or the whole band shouting and harmonizing, it effectively draws a particular sound.

The record is going fast online so we highly recommend you pay a visit to Digital Regress to snag yourself a copy. If you’re in the Bay Area, find details below about Unity’s record release show this Saturday, 8/6.

Catch Unity August 6th at Salt Lick w/ Puzzled, Toyota, Nanami Ozone and Blotchouts for their Record Release show!