Fall Music Release Recap: Hear What You Missed

While our favorite bands were releasing fire new jams over the last few months, The BAIT SHOP was taking a much needed #baitcation. So much vacation in fact, we couldn’t share all these great releases with y’all until now. Here’s a recap of what you might’ve missed.

Silver ShadowsYou Were Right (Single)

Hopefully this lush, post-punk track will hold you over until Silver Shadows drop their upcoming full length Cold Plastic in January. Tune in to KALX at 9pm on December 3rd to get a first listen.

BeekeepersVerroa Mites LP

Careful, this one bites back. While the ‘keepers were tearing apart Europe, they released this vicious, synth punk LP with an album cover that will give you nightmares.

SadGirlVol. 3 EP

The LA surf-wop punks dropped their third volume to continue their ongoing tape release series. If you didn’t get a chance to cop the first two, get your hands on this one ASAP.

BlossomPure Love LP

SF’s Blossom have played a slew of shows in support of their latest record release. Pure Love is a mystical, gloomy blend of riffs and thrash, and brings legendary acts like the Cure to mind.

Half StackHalf Stack EP

Last month, the Stack released their first set of rockin’ country grooves. If your life is missing that something that you just can’t put your finger on, it’s probably this EP.

ExSage –  Out of The Blue EP

After shedding their old skin (Cobalt Cranes) this past year, ExSage put out a killer release of high desert rock.

Terry MaltsLost at the Party LP

Terry Malts came back to flood your speakers with more power pop jams to play on repeat. The next big one is at Midnight Mass II down in Long Beach.

Cherry GlazerrNurse Ratched (Single)

LA’s favorite young rockers have moved toward a more distinctive rock edge, which we really dig. Watch the music video when you get a chance.

Never Young –  Softbank (Single)

This is the second single from a two-part release from the noisy punk group and it’s a relentless burst of sound from start to finish.

Slow Hollows Romantic LP

If you’re feeling heavy this fall, then we highly suggest that you listen to Romantic for some melancholic indie rock to compliment your dreary afternoons.

bAd bAdRope Burn EP

Got lost in the frantic, warped universe of Oakland’s bAd bAd on their three track EP. It’s a healthy dose of jamming.

Wild WingStill Wanna Kill (Single)

In the midst of the apocalypse, the Wing rose from the ashes to write an angry anthem for these trying times.

SantorosEl Perdedor LP 

The guys really nailed it on this record, staying true to the sound we’ve grown to love over the years. We could listen to this one over and over.